Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Quotes..

Trying to find a new church isn't easy. there are many things to consider, what type of theology are they teaching my kids, what type of people attend are they a facade or do they actual behave the teachings in every day life, and can I stay awake during the sermon.

Yes, I know its rude to doze in the sermon part however if the teacher knows how to teach a lesson of bibical truths in a manner that doesn't make me doze. Well, the lesson is learned and applied.

so, my dh and I disagree on a church to try. My spiritual guy says, hmmm don't think, so, not the church for me. My mind says, go it will shut him up. I over ride my mind and go with spiritual gut every time. God gave us that small still voice that will scream very loudly in different ways either "stop danger", "go help", or "pray right now right here". I've learned to listen. I have also learned to be still and do nothing at times because the small still radar voice detects nothing.

What's so funny is, that if Dh decides to proceed without listening to my warnings the family seems to get sick at the last minute and we don't get to attend. I can't help but feel sometimes having allergies or sickness maybe a blessing in disguise.

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  1. I hear you.

    Right now DH and I are attending different churches. Not the ideal situation as it would be wonderful to attend as a family but we both agreed that we needed to fufill our spiritual needs until we are able to find a church home that meets both of our needs.

    Good luck in your search!