Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday Resturant Review

anthem country club family pasta night: healthy, affordabale, and delicious definitely recommend it.

Wildflower Bread Bakery/Deli: Healthy but not our taste area. The crust on the bread was very difficult to chew, the salad was definitely something I would not try again cilantro and lavendar, and kids gooooooooooooo

Tgif: Definitely a winner they had healthy and unhealthy choices, they had them marked with not only healthy but right portions as well. the waiter was extremely good not just with the adults but really listened to the kids. He made sure the kids food was cooked first and brought out first (very unusual but very good kept them from having a hungry break and chewing their fingers off while we wait).

Subs from the wal-mart deli: good but the bread on the sourdough was a bit tough chewing. We are a bread family love it and can't live without. The wheat bread perfect.

PF changs chinese resturant: Lunch plates perfect portions. If you order the fried rice then get ready to share your plate with others at the table. The portion was way too much for one person.

Streets of New York: Definitely a winner, they serve garlic bread mini rolls with dipping sauce as you wait for your food. Keeps the kids happy and allows for conversation between members of your dining party. We ordered the extra large, which was not necessary with the bread appreziter. We literarily have enough to eat tonight for dinner. Yeah, I dont have to cook. It wasn't as good as Europizza in Fh or Bill's Pizza Joint in Prescott but it was very tasteful with the feta cheese. YOu will get your money's worth out of the food.

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