Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday Product Review

This the vaccumm, my dh and I bought this weekend. Every few years after the warranty expires all of our vaccumms start showing that we need a new one. We always have had a bissell. They are good. I really wanted a dyson this time because we have so much carpetting in our new house. We have to vaccumm every other day to keep our allergies under control. Well, a dyson is very expensive for a vaccum cleaner. So, we took a step down. i wasn't sure if the vaccum would work as adversited. I have to say it does..its a little more heavy than what I wanted but it does clean really good!
Hay bissell, I'd love free replacements on the hepa filters since I have had a vaccumm of yours for last few years. I like they really have been scanning the web for positive reviews on their products...

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