Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Quotes..

is from me and all the wonderful advice I got for my family situation this week. Let's look at some definition of words first.

Apprecitivie means having or showing appreciation.

Master means one having authority over another.

run (one's life) means to accompany as a valid obiligation or right.

All three words have three different meanings. When applying these words to your life they apply different actions. First all being apprecitive does not mean you let some one become a master or run your life. To show appreciation means you either cook a mean or make a card to say thank you. It does not mean you turn your life over to another person to allow them to be your master or run your life. They in turn need to see the difference .

If they can't not see the difference then it is them that have problem not you. After several days of feeling crap for being the adult in my family situation. Expect during our major fight. I have come to realize. It is not I that has the problem with my house, it is not I that has the problem with the way I like my house decorated it is them. They are trying to live their lives through me. Unfortunately, I did not ask nor give them permission to do that. So, I do have a right to be upset. For all dealing with a similar situation, maybe, just maybe this will help handle yours better than I have handled mine.

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  1. hugs and prayers for your situation. i hope it all works out.