Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Daily minutes or calories

Still no excerising..from cleaning and stress the migranes are back.

I cleaned on hands and knees for about two hours yesterday. Thank Goodness, there were no cameras around or anyone holding one. They might have gotten some really bad shots that could have qualified for most embrassing shots in any magazine. Talk about a thankful moment.

Yes, ladies cleaning does qualify as excerise because you are moving. Every hour of clean equals 200 hunderd calories.


  1. Of course, cleaning is exercise. Not the most fun kind... but still... I was *exercising* yesterday too. LOL Ugh. And I'll be *exercising* all weekend long!!!

  2. omg! i can't do hands and knees anymore. not fun and totally painful. i'll be getting my exercising at work. bending lifting stretching.