Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sunday Quotes..

They come from the House of Night book series by the Cast authors. They are a mother and daughter team. They are kickin' good.
The book "Marked"

p. 230 concerning friendships
"Value them, they are pearls of great price."

p. 236 Concerning yourself and changes in your life
"Your are old beyond your year, Zoeybird (replace this with your name). Believe in yourselfe and your will find a way. But remember, darkness does not always equate evil, just as light does not always brings good."

When I read these pasages like a hunger tiger eatting its prey. Lights bulbs, and uh ah moments hit me like lighting hitting a tree. I am still standing but with a new outlook. Thank you Cast family.

Awaiting book two to arrive at the library.

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