Sunday, September 27, 2009

Monday Resturant Review

Okay, I am impressed while being made sick by raw hamburger from In and Out Burger Resturant chain. They are based in California. Let's give some background information first on the situation.

Its Saturday night, we skipped going to the diamondbacks game. We gave away $200.00 worth of tickets and parking pass to a friend. I hope they know what a freakin' deal they got. My Dh decided to "do something" nice since he had been acting like a jack rabbit who didn't get any for weeks. So, we order our food. One #1 double cheese burger combo; one #2 cheeseburger combo w/o the special mayo sauce with onions lettuce tomatoes, ketchup and mustard; two #3 burger combos. We chit chat beating around the bush of subject matter that might cause a fight in public. They call our order number #22. My Dh trying to redem himself of bad behavior gets our order. We make sure everyone has the right burger. We begin to dig in and eat our grub. I get this weird taste in my mouth, like I have raw meat without blood. Okay, let's look at burger. To my shock, my burger is only cooked half way through. I immediately put down the burger, ask Dh to take a peek. He comes to the same conclusion. We decide to say something to staff expect the staff seems overwhelmed already with complaints and having to redo orders. My Dh decides they already know about the mistake, we will just take to a higher level.

After putting my kids to bed including my over 40 year old DH. I am in full food poisoning mode. I can't sleep, or read. My stomach track is in full revolutionary mode. So, I look up the In and Out Burger corperate offices. I find contact us. I fill in my contact information with a very smart mouthed letter to which I referred to vampyres and in all; me not being one etc. This morning, while getting half of my family ready for the last baseball game of the season (its sunday while I type this), my phone starts ringing its "Super massive blackhole" by the muse ring tone. No id, Hmm, I took the chance by answering. It was the actual corperate customer service office, checking on me health status. I informed them that it went from the typical cramps and nausea to diaherria from eatting raw meat. I knew if I went to the doctor's office they would tell the me the same thing I knew bland food, liquids, lots of rest and no excerise. They generally seem to care and where very displeased that a customer ate a raw burger.
This is definitely, a change from previous corporate attitude of other food chains. Do I want anyone fried? No. I just don't want anymore raw burgers served.
I was disappointed in the food but not by the response of the corporate head quarters. Good job!

Will I will go back to In and Out Burgers..probably give a fews of recovery..

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