Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Quotes..

Okay...listen to your instict. Seriously, listen to it. Its a gift from God. If you sense something out of place or just not right then..try to figure out what it is.

Example: Today I got hit with this overwhelming feeling that the church we were going to visit today wasn't the church for us. First of all, I understand men in general feel the need to make the attempt to feel guests welcome but never pat the wife's back first or guide her even if you feel the need too. That is her husband's job. Secondly, some women might actually take you down martial arts style. Thirdly, omg...remember instict...yup..we got a hell fire and brimstone sermon. I know they are needed for those tittering on whither to choose God exists but to those coming in to visit your church, may see it differently. Even my DH who normally likes listening to this guy via ipod casts, didn't like today's at all. He won't say exactly what rubbed him the wrong way but it did. All I have to say, is that yes there will consquences for everyone's actions or nonactions but I think the biggest thing God likes for us to express is his undying love for all kinds of life. Forgive me, I felt no love in the church today. As in no God's love and understanding or forgiveness was absent. I almost physically puked right there in my seat. I don't know if it was from the lack of food, sleep, or down right God banging his hammer on my head saying get out of this church. Its not for your family.

So, it was decided we are not returning. I am sure normally the church is very loving to all members and visitors but something was amuck today. Was my instict on cue.


  1. i'm an instinct listener too. prayers for you in finding a new church home. i need to do so as well and have been procrastinating. sigh. i hate being new i really do.

  2. Ohhh if you are in the Houston area, I've got a church for you!! :) But I know from whence you that womanly instinct!! (I think you should have taken him down!! LOL) happy visiting and blessings...